Established in 1988 Biogas Technology Ltd brings together the resources and expertise to lift the burden of risk, liability and finance faced by landfill site operators, and to help you capitalise on commercial opportunities. Biogas Technology Ltd has been able to provide the infrastructure and engineering support to projects producing in excess of 90MW of renewable energy from landfill gas within the UK and throughout Europe. The company continues to provide a wide range of services and products to help landfill owners and operators meet their site licence and environmental objectives.

While still providing a high level of service to the UK and European Landfill sector Biogas Technology Ltd has continued to increase its global activity through strategic partnerships and ventures in many emerging markets countries as diverse as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, United Arab Emirates, China, Poland and many more. With the recognition of landfill gas methane as a potent contributor to the global green house gas effect and global warming, Biogas Technology Ltd has been able to provide high quality engineering and technical skills required to successfully capture, recover and process landfill gas and create carbon credits which contributes to the world wide efforts to reduce global warming.

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